All about LED Strips four – The Everlasting Debate – SMD3528 Vs SMD5050

SMD 3528 vs. SMD 5050, these are two forms of chips mostly utilized in strips these days and it’s essential to determine every is utilized in every case as a result of it’ll have an effect on worth however after all additionally on efficiency. So are their traits and variations?

SMD 3528 strip LED versatile are medium output, low temperature LED die. In 5-meter 300-liter wheels, they’re typically fashioned between 120 and 220lm / m (in Pure White) sufficient to stability the 300 mm (1 & # 39;) stability the place it’s put in. Some producers provide Extremely White variations that may provide as much as 360lm / m. The common energy consumption for this sort of LED SMD Strip is 5W / m. Nonetheless, giant producers additionally provide larger wheels, with 600 chips per 5-meter reel, delivering as much as 440lm / m (in Pure White), which might go even larger to 720lm / m for producers with Extremely White variations. The vitality consumption is round 10W / m. Most 3528 LED strips might be reduce each three LED modules, or 50mm (2 ") for 300 chip wheels and 25mm (1") for 600 chip wheels. SMD3528 is a single colour LED strip lighting answer. When it comes to costs, they’re cheaper possibility.

SMD 5050 versatile strip LED is excessive energy, larger temperature SMD LED possibility. They’re additionally generally known as triple-core strings (once you look carefully you’ll be able to determine three totally different areas on the chip). Strips with this sort of SMD LED versatile strip normally have extra various choices, the commonest regular density with 30 microns per meter (360lm / m in Pure White) and vitality consumption of seven.5W / m, whereas some producers additionally provide larger density, normally in shorter wheels, similar to three meters, with 60 chips per meter, delivering unimaginable 720lm / m in Pure White with energy consumption of 14.5W / m. As might be seen, the SMD 5050 can present gentle sources over three occasions in 3528 strips, thus the 5050 LED is nicely suited to light up areas that could be topic to environmental illumination. 5050 LED strips can be used as an alternative of fluorescent lighting usually lighting and light-weight bulbs. Due to this fact, they’re logical, extra valuable than for buildings with excessive lighting necessities as they’re chosen as a result of their lumen prices are typically decrease.

As well as, 5050 strips can be found in each single colour and RGB colour altering fashions. The colour change model requires extra controls, however you’ll be able to produce thousands and thousands of various colours, so discovering the fitting shadow or mixture is a straightforward matter of programming.

Which kind of SMD is best? The reply is straightforward, it relies upon. For primary lighting tasks with low lighting necessities, precisely when price is essential, SMD3528 is the dominant. For difficult duties or RGB installations, the SMD5050 is an apparent selection.

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