How to Improve Product Video – Checklist to transfer your own videos or help the client

Do you want to create a product video, or if you already have a product video? How do you know if the video will be effective? Here are some questions you can use it as a list of products to evaluate the videos and will help improve the script before the creation of product videos. Look at the scenario, or video and answer these questions. Imagine that you know nothing about the product and have never seen the video (or read the script). You need to go back to the judge without the emotional video product or video (and it's not easy!). Answering questions helps to precisely the area of ​​the script or video to a weak (or missed), and help deal with all the key issues. Incidentally, the same applies to the presentation video of the service, but we will focus on product videos for simplicity's sake.

A. Introduction of the product

1. Is it clear from the introduction to our product? y / n

2. The value proposition stated in the introduction, and it's clear that our product is not it? y / n

3. If necessary, the target group addressed in the introduction (who can use this product, skill level required, etc.)? y / n

4. The introduction of the product is effective? Give yourself a score: 1-10

If the answer is no to any of these questions, go back and change the script or the video. If it is too late to change your video, make a note to yourself to make this issue the next video.

B. Basic functions and distinctive features

1. Does the video after going through the features / components / features of the initial introduction of the product? y / n

If you do not, go to Part C but be sure to go back and question all Part B when you improve your script, or video.

2. Does the video going over the parts of the product? Then the viewer knows what comes in the box? y / n

3. facing various functions on the product, or other options like size, color, etc? y / n

4. Does the video give sufficient information to compare this product based on similar products & # 39; s features? y / n

5. The video is an effective value proposition by developing and discussing the features of the product? Give yourself a score: 1-10

C using the product. Demonstration

1. Does the video how the product the user & # 39; s perspective? y / n

2. The specific steps outlined in the crowd he / she can follow to start using the product? y / n

3. Do you think it is clear to the viewer to understand that the product works? y / n

4. There are effective to provide explanations and demonstration on viewers to be able to use this product and feel good about knowing what to expect? Give yourself a score: 1-10

Finally, if you dealt with the major issues, you can move the entire video evaluation.

D, production quality, the overall impression

1. How would you rate the overall quality of video production, style , level of professionalism, creativity? Give yourself a score of 1-10

2. The overall assessment, taking into account the structural aspects of the video: how it was structured and organized in the video, there was a logical step, there are separate parts to different ideas communicated or that video of the jump from one idea to the next randomly? If you were given a task of dividing this video with distinct chapters for easy navigation, it would not be easy to do? Give yourself a score of 1-10

3. How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the video promoting the product? Give yourself a score of 1-10

4. What was the strength of the video?

5. What was your weaknesses?

Now that you have answered all the questions truthfully, try to write some recommendations. You can use them later when videos or improve existing ones.

Source by Laura Beken

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a completely new, but it is an important part of online marketing, he has made over the past few years. A brief definition of it is the process of increasing traffic to your site, and more and more attention will be given to any online social media sites.

What is the social media sites?

This type of site is to rely on the work of human interaction, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They require social measures to ensure that in different ways operate like Twitter gives you 140 characters max to say something, or a video or photo, while Facebook is unlimited characters and the option to add a lot of photos at one time, join events or share updates.

What is social media important?

Social media marketing is very important to support and enhance search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as a site once a page or a link to social media users, you can then go to the & # 39; Viral & # 39; many links pointing back to your website, which in turn can be seen as a sign of the popularity of the search jinn and giving a boost to the rankings of the said site.

Taking a look at the big three, as already mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we have a look at how each of these social networks help marketing.

Facebook is probably the easiest and most common social media site that people have heard. Although Twitter million users, many people only use Twitter to follow celebrities or directly to the business. The average Joe can not always be found on Twitter, Facebook and the like & # 39; and for all of you, a lot of people use.

Both small and large businesses rely on to help Facebook Deals are at the time, and used to post photos and videos. It & # 39; and it was a great to get people to interact with users to share updates from the business, which means that social media marketing is all much easier.

After a page on Facebook the way businesses and encourage people to love through incentives such as contests and prizes means that people are willing to tell others about your site, then your business.

Twitter, as mentioned, not all consumers like Facebook, because the kind of people use it, but if you use Twitter to interact and make contacts and network is more powerful than Twitter. This is because people do not trawl through a page to what they are about. What do you say, and is not limited to 140 characters, so you have to make a clear and unequivocal actions and words, making it easier to impress people (or annoy them!)

Twitter with some hard work with social media marketing concerned as to build a flowing before you even begin to influence and flowers growing next to the start of the battle. People do not want to follow if you keep promotional tweet tweets or messages are always retweeting others. We need to make sure that the next worthy and that he was going to engage people.

Having achieved this, then rinse and repeat and keep writing, I have been writing that attracts followers in the first place. The message and the business then spread through Twitter so invaluable links.

YouTube is so well-known that, like Twitter, you have to be very concentrated to the successful use of social media marketing campaign. YouTube will continue to operate for educational websites and selling things that benefit the demonstrations. The proper tags and descriptions also adds that the campaign is that people find the videos using the tags.

The video should be well done, and if the time to draw up theses videos and people like what they see, it could take over an hour of video go viral, once again making the national and even international exposure!

Source by Wendy Poulopoulos

How to write compelling promotional pieces more and better customer

Whether you & # 39; creating a sales letter, a brochure, newsletter, or any other business promotional piece, you need to write in a way that not only explains the product or service, but it also compels prospects to contact you. A well-written promotional piece entices people to seek more information, be it through phone calls, e-mail or a personal visit. A good promotional piece shows professionalism and creativity.

The key word to remember, "allure." The promotional piece does not give every detail – that & # 39; and the sales department & # 39; s work. The promotional piece just a prelude.

Unfortunately, many promotional pieces miss the mark. Outrageous claims, weak and sloppy formatting calls for common mistakes that plague most people & # 39; s writing. Such errors accomplish only one thing:. "Round file" I dedicate the infamous promotional piece They also show prospects that & # 39; lazy, uncreative, or inability to quality work.

To entice prospects to contact you in your promotional mail, it should be writing both lively and factual. The following guidelines will help you write promotional pieces that even the toughest prospects can not resist.

1. Be legible.

Only white, off-white, paper or other soothing colors. If you think of the outrageous paper colors, such as yellow or neon pink, they get attention, think again. Hurting someone & # 39; s eyes is not the way to gain attention. Moreover, bearing in mind the font you choose. Of course, all kinds of innovative computer fonts, but this is not the time to try them out. Stick with a simple font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, 10, 11 or 12-point type. If you have to print small enough to squeeze everything that's available space, you & # 39; saying too much. As Shakespeare said, "Just the essence of wit." In the case of promotional writing, "Just the essentials showcase your mind."

2. Type in the address bar to get to the point.

If less than five seconds to impress your prospects read. And the first thing that any chance is this piece of & # 39; s headline. So craft compelling headline that immediately conveys why this information is important to the prospects. The four main priority formulas that work as follows:

o How – The Formula "How to" + verb + product / service / noun + profit.

Example: How to Create a Store Promotion, which increases the revenue

o new – the formula for the "new" + product / service + benefit.

Example: A new tax code to save money

o Word Power – The formula "Power Verb" + product / service + benefit.

Example: prepare a business plan, which will increase the company's profit

o Free – The formula is "Free" + product / service + benefit.

Example: Free booklet reveals that the secret to reduce the interest rate
Regardless of choosing a headline formulas, avoid sounding like an infomercial or a used car salesman. As the headline determines whether the prospect keeps reading, crafts yours wisely.

3. Hold the hype to a minimum.

Many people believe that in order to solicit interest in a promotional piece to write something outrageous. To some extent this is true. He said something outrageous is a great way to get attention, as people naturally love controversy. Plus, if you mix things up, you & # 39; ll get a lot of exposure. The thing to remember, though, is that we must be prepared to answer any questions and / or writing to prove everything. So if you want to write something just sensationalism, but do not back it up, no. You must be able to support you print.

4. easy to go posturing.

Although it may be produced or the best products are the most unique features in the world, that is, the potential decision. Each uses a unique promotional items reduces the view & # 39; and trust in what you say. So instead of telling prospects that the product is "the most special widget on the market" and that the provider is "the ability to revolutionize the industry," show the prospects that these claims as possible. Give the benefits of using your product or service, provided that the outlook for the & # 39; live, so you can decide how extraordinary or revolutionary product or service is.

5. recalls.

As I write, more reminiscent of the five senses. To paint a picture in words so prospects see, hear, smell, taste and feel what & # 39; describe. Contrary to popular belief, the best promotional writers think in pictures, not words. They see the image they want to convey to your prospects, and that & # 39; and what they write. So, if you & # 39; candy manufacturer or a florist, for example, write so that readers can smell the candy or flowers, not just to see what they look like. If you & # 39; the restaurant business, it helps the reader to taste the food. If you & # 39; Irish business productivity, help your prospects to hear the motion productivity and feel the rush of a sales call. Do not just tell me what prospects & # 39; flow.

6. Carry out awareness-raising action.

What do you want the person reading your sales letters, brochures or other promotional pieces to do? To buy the product? Call to have more information? Visit the website? Whatever action you want the prospect to state clearly. Too many promotional pieces ramble all the features and benefits of the product, but never tells the opportunity to really anything. For example, you could write a sales letter is ". Please call our office immediately for more information on how we can help" The publication might say: "Order your widget at the special introductory price today." Newsletter can also write ". Visit our website for more information about the new product line" Tell prospects exactly what you want them to do.

7. clearly defines the contact information.

always let prospects know who to contact and how to do it. List your name, phone number and email address prominently displayed every piece. Rarely prospects search for your contact information so that display well on top and bottom of each page. Select the contact information you melt into the text too much. Remember, the goal is to make your prospects to contact you. Make it easy for them to do so.

Make Your Promotional Pieces Work for You

If the data provided by the promotional pieces will be the most appealing and factually, the prospects of finding them and your company irresistible. So as you write future sales letters, brochures or other promotional pieces, keep these guidelines. If not, you & # 39; ll create a promotional piece that delights prospects and make them reluctant to do business with you. A well-written promotional piece, you get more and better clients to help your business grow.

Source by Dawn Josephson

Benefits of Video Training Tutorials

In the arena of Internet Marketing, you will begin to see the video clip short growing websites using knowledge of how to make money online with an enthusiastic online entrepreneurs.

Video Tutorials have been a powerful tool for teaching and instructions to people who are looking to make money online.

What are the advantages of video presentation and train as compare to writing products?

Here I have listed eight reasons why the video is a wonderful medium to convey the information to the masses.

Reason # 1: The video does not interfere with the student & # 39; s time. He can watch at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want.

Reason # 2: video, it is expected to capture nearly 100% of the student & # 39; s concentration. People will watch these tutorial videos for unique performances.

Reason # 3: The video shows that they perform tasks that are not capable of writing materials. This training can bring life and learning will never be boring.

Reason # 4: Video is an excellent way to teach a subject who has any degree of complexity. The study looked at the word trainer & # 39; s shoulders, he carried out the task.

Reason # 5: Video is the most powerful communication tools in history. Video enables the coach to communicate the message quickly and efficiently, while the students & # 39; interest.

Reason # 6: Video shows standardized information for each viewer, every time. This is particularly important for training applications, because it allows the viewer to go back over areas left out.

Reason # 7: One of the reasons why the video is such a powerful medium because it involves the student & # 39; s emotions. Even the training purpose, ease of learning, ease the person & # 39; and fear that a particular subject.

Reason # 8: Producing educational films often cost no more than writing an ebook. In fact, the video is able to give a great deal of information in a short period of time.

Source by Larry Chee

Internet Promotion – Advantages and Disadvantages

The growth of the emergence of globalized trade, foreign investment and cross-border transactions would have been under a lot of small business pressure to find innovative ways to continue to be marketed their products and services. This is especially difficult because they often operate on tight marketing budgets.

The quest for cheap marketing alternatives, these small businesses continue to use traditional marketing tools such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertisements, unaware of the advantages that Internet Promotion offers. All too often, these business focus disadvantages Internet Promotion and not adequately exploit the inherent presents opportunities. Moreover, they are reconsidering conventional marketing strategies is driven by a misconception that these are cheaper than Internet Promotion.

Most small business entrepreneurs, marketing or promoting their products or services can be a daunting task over the Internet. However, adequate information small businesses can significant benefits to Internet Promotion while minimizing the downside is that it presents. In fact, it may prove to be the marketing strategy that the highest return on investment possible.

The benefits of

Cost-effective and long-term marketing strategies

The Internet has become the information superhighway by buying public. Most people prefer the hassle free transactions, Internet shopping has to offer. As a result, the Internet has become the most powerful sales tool. Internet Promotion offers cost effective ways for small businesses to enhance their product or service distribution networks. For example, the use of portals, using new marketing channels and logistics, or better or faster product access for customers.

Compared to other marketing, Internet Promotion have the advantage of reduced budget and storage costs, when compared to the brochures, producing television or radio advertisements or managing a call center. It presents a quick and cost-effective solution to new markets.

The market penetration

Millions of people use the Internet to search for products and services, small businesses can penetrate other markets with a a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Websites act as virtual storefronts, allowing businesses to stay open 24/7. Internet Promotion gives a business greater visibility, thereby increasing opportunities for more customers at relatively low cost. Never before has it been easier for an upstart business to be able to reach literally millions of potential customers and position themselves for success without costly infrastructure and overwhelming marketing costs. Thanks to the Internet, new businesses increasingly popular almost from one day to the next.

Low Cost, Instant Communication

Email makes business communications instant, whether the customer or business partner across the street or across the globe. This makes it easier for customers to maintain contact and significantly facilitates repeat purchasing. The effective online strategy therefore turn a small web business into a virtual cost-saving and revenue-generating machine. The net result is the ability of small businesses is a significant competitive advantage in a given market.

There are many online companies therefore resorted to the use of ezines, blogs, pop-up ads and other online marketing tools to help customers with new products and services, as well as information specific to their industry. The benefits are two-fold strategy. Marketers are effective in increasing brand awareness is relatively new product on the market, while strengthening customer relationships, a shorter time frame.

The content Timeless

Promotion Internet also have the advantage of durability. While participation in a trade fair or conference loses sales impact, once it ends, and an ad in the newspaper or business magazine quickly lose value generating sales a day or two, or as published in the next issue; Internet Promotion is often timeless. Aside from the time, and sometimes prices, after a lot of website content remains valid years.

Real-Time Statistics to measure the success of a promotional campaign

One of the most significant advantages of Internet Promotion, that success can be measured. Marketers can use tools that provides real-time stats, unique visitors return visits, click-through rate (CTR) on advertisements, which allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. This enables marketers to determine what works for your specific market and make timely changes in marketing strategies.

Time saving

Another important advantage of Internet Promotion, to save time because they tend to cancel consulting product uses and benefits, service information and sales administration. Visitors can access "frequently asked questions" to help themselves, and you can buy online without the involvement of the staff. This saves time and money. So, whether 10 or 10,000 visitors to the site, the increased cost is negligible, and the savings can be enormous.

But like any business approach, Internet Promotion is not without its risks and weaknesses.


difficulty attracting customers

Small business does not have the resources to recruit to pay for paid directory, pay per click inclusions and often have to rely solely on search engine optimization or word of mouth to drive traffic to their sites. Millions of businesses selling the same products and services, competition, more established businesses can be frustrating and costly venture for small businesses.

On the other hand, larger companies can offer promotions, pay for directory inclusions, implement pay per click campaigns and apply the "who is who" of the Internet develop marketing campaigns that generate traffic and leads.

difficulty rating Legitimacy of Transaction

Another notable disadvantage of promoting businesses online is that it can be difficult for business people and consumers to carefully evaluate the legitimacy of the transaction. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to theft of stolen credit cards and stolen information to do online transaction.

Internet credit card and identity theft on the rise, small businesses are forced to finance costly security measures to reduce their vulnerability to fraudulent transactions.

vendors and customers isolated

Another disadvantage of promotion via the Internet to customers and business people isolated. There is little personal contact before and after the customer and the salesperson of the sales closed. Thus, the expected repeat sales thus decreased. Entrepreneurs are therefore compelled to adopt marketing strategies to online users back to the site.

From all indications, it seems that the benefits of Internet promotion, far outweigh the disadvantages. The adequate knowledge, entrepreneur significant benefits to Internet promotion, especially owners of small businesses.

More and more, the growth and outreach of the Internet & # 39; s, and easy accessibility for customers is becoming inevitable. Small business is therefore advisable to start the web advertising function in order to improve their competitiveness on the Internet.

Source by Carla Lendor

Social Networking Vs Face-to-face contact

websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and caused a major change in the culture of communication. These places were where people can meet friends, potential partners, and even employers. Now, people join Facebook groups where you can get updates from the Internet, but also local community organizations to access, which correspond to the week. However, some say that communication is now fast losing the personal touch because of these sites. It is said that social networking sites, although useful, can never replace the sincerity and social experience there, meeting people and interacting face to face.

Face-to-Face Contact Us

Many believers for face-to-face contact with psychology as a main argument. According to them, face-to-face contact has a number of key benefits, such as enhancing people & # 39; he lives in both social and spiritual. After face-to-face contacts make an individual healthier. It also promotes behaviors that favor the growth of the whole society.

There are those who think that it is not involved in communities and encouraging the population is not socially oriented. Instead people are socially oriented, social networking self-sufficient farmers who do not realize that a close community.

However, truth be told, face-to-face communication is difficult to maintain.

Social Networking

Undeniably enough, this allows people to form a strong, intimate communities that do not impede the many factors that affect most face to face relationships. First, online communities do not have geographical boundaries.

Second, some people are easier to communicate in a more objective, less personal way. Due Face-to-face contact with the individual components of the mix, ingredients that do not invite open, honest communication. Some of these components of competitiveness, lack of security over a & # 39; s appearance, pride, fear of embarrassment, fear of saying the wrong things, and so on. Through this, people forget the look in the computer, and gives them time to think about communicating over the Internet, what they would say. Although there are still personal, online communication is just as much anonymity for people to express themselves freely and not have to worry about what to wear and how they look. In addition, perhaps the biggest advantage of social networking, in fact, have expressed how introverts.

Similar to the effect of mobile phones, the impact of this type of network is led in the end who their contacts with one another, not because they see each other daily or regular basis, but because they can talk to each other whenever they want via the Internet. And even if your friends are separated by geographical distance, social networking allows the connection remains intact.

The benefits of social networking is how to communicate with people, connect, and interact are undeniable, and even the critics argue, then towards online communications shows no signs of stopping.

Source by Beverly Maniago

Features of a good video

The videos are usually appeal to the visual and audio senses of the individual making it compulsory that if such a, at least in the two senses, to attract attention and deliver the message, to be delivered.

a good video, you need to achieve this, but really, what makes a good video? We keep saying these words, just as they did before you. The opposite is true, though. In order to get your hands on the videos, you have to work hard for it. Therefore, when the video keep in mind the following characteristics.

One is to attract potential viewers. A good video should always be the characteristic of them that appeals to people who settled the message. Without reaching the first step, then no one knows that the message that they are trying to meet. You must tell them that there is, and it is worth checking out. Two to entertain the audience. In today's world, where everyone is busy in their own lives, that it would take a mere entertainment talent and courage to let me stop and listen to what they have to say. Throw catchy music and a place to put a smile on your face for a few seconds, and then, without a doubt, pause and hear you.

Finally, contains a message. A song is useless without a message. So not a video message on it. Yes, you can catch the audience & # 39; s attention; Yes, to keep them entertained for a long time, why? Nothing. The message of the meat in the pot, and only the first two conditions, keep your attention glued to the cover of the main ingredient. If you do, and you've passed them successfully, then there is a good video without a doubt.

Keep this in mind the characteristics of the three next time you are in the video, and you can not go wrong.

Source by Bryan E. McConnahea

The impact of social networking sites that people

There are so many causes of social networking sites have become very popular these days. We are all sure to be aware of these sites. If you want to see people we know, these sites are the easiest for us to look for them. The more popular the site, the greater the chance for us to find them. This is a very good way of communicating with people we know. We also have the chance of meeting new friends. They can be in our country and even in different parts of the world. These websites help others in remote locations. We send them, chat with them and even play with them.

There are several entertainment features that these social networking users. A good example of It featured a lot of games that are very popular. They were created to add more fun to the people who use the site. Thus, more can be done while not talking with friends.

They also have a very good source of information. Friends to update their status every now and then, they will be informed about what is currently happening before he heard the news. The information spreads very quickly with these social networking sites. This will be very helpful for those who have a community or an organization. If they are all in these pages, it can all be informed immediately, without having to send the members individually. It really has changed the way information to people these days. Not only is it free, it is also very simple.

we can share the site outside of

information, you can share a lot of things such as photos, links, videos, and many others. This is a very open world where all are free to share anything. This is a really great way to be connected with our loved ones who live far away. They will eventually be able to them the things they share. It is therefore very useful for families and friends who want to stay connected. you can also save a lot of time because there is no need to ask "How are you?" because their status has been saying that.

The modern generation has led us into a lot of changes and technology. They build up in our daily lives. This can be good or bad in some way, but we have never denied that the changes were actually part of the society.

Source by Jenifer Gate

Definition Marketing Tools

The definition of marketing tools and their use will be different for every business and it really depends on what kind of marketing you are referring to. You're marketing online or offline marketing? The definition of marketing tools in regards to the offline marketing would be things like newspapers, yellow pages, billboards, and radio to name just a few.

The purpose of this article, I would like briefly to go into a detailed definition of the marketing tools in regards to online marketing. Online marketing methods will give you the opportunity to quickly promote your business and / or products in a multitude of prospective clients, and devices such as the following three examples:

marketing article:

This article you are reading now is a tremendous marketing tool is called article marketing. You simply write an article that relates to the business, and it is published in the online article directory.

Video Marketing:

If you search for a topic on the Internet, the list of results will appear. If you were to get a thumbnail to watch a video that relates to what you are looking for in the search results, odds are, you can watch the video for the first time above all other results that will appear on the site. It is human nature, and that's what video marketing related. Produce a video that relates to your business and send it to an online video website.


blogs are the most popular type of website in search engines. It gives you the ability to rank high in the search engines if you post good quality and informative material about your business. It is always in your best interest to make unique content, which means that the content can not be found anywhere else on the Internet.

Please note that all three of these marketing tools, extensive keyword research. Keyword research provides you with the necessary information to post material in such a way that it can be ranked favorably by the search engines, so that business opportunities can be found or the people who are searching for what you offer.

If you learn to follow these three simple online marketing techniques, it is driving a huge amount of traffic to your website in no time. If you master these simple strategies and put them into mass action, the business begins to thrive.

Source by Dave Fennell

The Importance of Social Networking in our society

Time flies quickly, a few years ago, people tend to communicate with wired gadgets like your phone or ham radio. Today, the Internet has changed the world beyond your imagination. People now use your desktop or notebook computers not only at work but also entertainment and communications.

part of the growing popularity of the World Wide Web as a new means of communication with the advent of social networking sites. These protected websites that can be used for the common people to post personal profiles, photos, videos, music and messages. Users of social networks can invite other "friends" to join the network to be able to view and share personal information with another.

There are several social networking sites today, including one in the popular Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The majority of the members of these sites are teenagers who just love their friends and other people. However, did you know how important social networking sites?

1 Touch

The sheet maintenance of these sites, your loved ones, friends and distant relatives you do not have to call every time, just to stay in touch with each other. You may take advantage of posting messages, photos and videos about themselves, their loved ones, over and over again. It & # 39; s cheap, fast and real-time technology available to everyone.

2. Job Hunt

Many companies in the United States and Europe to take advantage of social networking sites that competent employees. On the other hand, job applicants to take advantage of these sites to post your resume and contact details. It & # 39; And great tool to use in order to make a good impression on the company. If you & # 39; applying for a computer-related task, it would be good to maintain a personal profile.

3. Emergency

Have you heard from thousands of people on social networking sites can be saved? Twitter has been a great tool for many thousands of concerned citizens to transmit messages during a moment of tragedy and natural disasters. People who are looking for fund raising donation, they can use Facebook or MySpace pages call generous individuals.

Many people consider these places as the devil's work. Maybe. However, we have to admit that anything will be good or bad depending on the person & # 39; s intentions. Social Networking has shaped the world, whether we like it or not, and it will be an essential tool if you & # 39; and for good purpose.

Source by Anthony Pineda