Social Networking Vs Face-to-face contact

websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and caused a major change in the culture of communication. These places were where people can meet friends, potential partners, and even employers. Now, people join Facebook groups where you can get updates from the Internet, but also local community organizations to access, which correspond to the week. However, some say that communication is now fast losing the personal touch because of these sites. It is said that social networking sites, although useful, can never replace the sincerity and social experience there, meeting people and interacting face to face.

Face-to-Face Contact Us

Many believers for face-to-face contact with psychology as a main argument. According to them, face-to-face contact has a number of key benefits, such as enhancing people & # 39; he lives in both social and spiritual. After face-to-face contacts make an individual healthier. It also promotes behaviors that favor the growth of the whole society.

There are those who think that it is not involved in communities and encouraging the population is not socially oriented. Instead people are socially oriented, social networking self-sufficient farmers who do not realize that a close community.

However, truth be told, face-to-face communication is difficult to maintain.

Social Networking

Undeniably enough, this allows people to form a strong, intimate communities that do not impede the many factors that affect most face to face relationships. First, online communities do not have geographical boundaries.

Second, some people are easier to communicate in a more objective, less personal way. Due Face-to-face contact with the individual components of the mix, ingredients that do not invite open, honest communication. Some of these components of competitiveness, lack of security over a & # 39; s appearance, pride, fear of embarrassment, fear of saying the wrong things, and so on. Through this, people forget the look in the computer, and gives them time to think about communicating over the Internet, what they would say. Although there are still personal, online communication is just as much anonymity for people to express themselves freely and not have to worry about what to wear and how they look. In addition, perhaps the biggest advantage of social networking, in fact, have expressed how introverts.

Similar to the effect of mobile phones, the impact of this type of network is led in the end who their contacts with one another, not because they see each other daily or regular basis, but because they can talk to each other whenever they want via the Internet. And even if your friends are separated by geographical distance, social networking allows the connection remains intact.

The benefits of social networking is how to communicate with people, connect, and interact are undeniable, and even the critics argue, then towards online communications shows no signs of stopping.

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