The Importance of Social Networking in our society

Time flies quickly, a few years ago, people tend to communicate with wired gadgets like your phone or ham radio. Today, the Internet has changed the world beyond your imagination. People now use your desktop or notebook computers not only at work but also entertainment and communications.

part of the growing popularity of the World Wide Web as a new means of communication with the advent of social networking sites. These protected websites that can be used for the common people to post personal profiles, photos, videos, music and messages. Users of social networks can invite other "friends" to join the network to be able to view and share personal information with another.

There are several social networking sites today, including one in the popular Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The majority of the members of these sites are teenagers who just love their friends and other people. However, did you know how important social networking sites?

1 Touch

The sheet maintenance of these sites, your loved ones, friends and distant relatives you do not have to call every time, just to stay in touch with each other. You may take advantage of posting messages, photos and videos about themselves, their loved ones, over and over again. It & # 39; s cheap, fast and real-time technology available to everyone.

2. Job Hunt

Many companies in the United States and Europe to take advantage of social networking sites that competent employees. On the other hand, job applicants to take advantage of these sites to post your resume and contact details. It & # 39; And great tool to use in order to make a good impression on the company. If you & # 39; applying for a computer-related task, it would be good to maintain a personal profile.

3. Emergency

Have you heard from thousands of people on social networking sites can be saved? Twitter has been a great tool for many thousands of concerned citizens to transmit messages during a moment of tragedy and natural disasters. People who are looking for fund raising donation, they can use Facebook or MySpace pages call generous individuals.

Many people consider these places as the devil's work. Maybe. However, we have to admit that anything will be good or bad depending on the person & # 39; s intentions. Social Networking has shaped the world, whether we like it or not, and it will be an essential tool if you & # 39; and for good purpose.

Source by Anthony Pineda

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